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August 18, 2023

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It can be difficult to decide if your cat should stay indoors only or be allowed to go outside. There are pros and cons of both positions. Keeping your cat indoors is saferCats that go outside are at risk of getting exposed to disease and parasites carried by other cats. They can get in fights…

January 11, 2023

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Most of our cats have a different lifestyle than our dogs do. Many cats don’t go outdoors, don’t travel and rarely leave their house. Do they still need vaccines? The answer is yes – and we’ll tell you why. A cat’s immune system Cats are born without any immunity to the diseases of world. This…

October 30, 2022


Halloween is a fun time of year for many of us, but not all of our pets enjoy the holiday. They can get scared of costumes, lights, or the constant trick-or-treat visitors. Here are some Halloween pet tips to consider.  CandyKeep candy out of the reach of your pets.  Chocolate can be toxic to dogs….

August 10, 2022

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Inappropriate urination is a common reason we see our cat patients at the vet. Sometimes this means urinating on things around the house that they shouldn’t (carpet, couch, clothes, etc) and other times it means frequent trips to the litter box, but only producing small amounts of urine. There are many reasons for inappropriate urination…