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August 18, 2023

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Indoor vs Outdoor

It can be difficult to decide if your cat should stay indoors only or be allowed to go outside. There are pros and cons of both positions.

Keeping your cat indoors is safer
Cats that go outside are at risk of getting exposed to disease and parasites carried by other cats. They can get in fights with other cats and get injured. They can encounter predators like dogs, hawks/owls, coyotes, etc. They can get stuck somewhere or injured or become ill and not be able to make it home. And then there are the dangers of roads and cars.

It is safer for wildlife if your cat stays indoors
Cats are natural hunters and terrorize or kill backyard birds and other wildlife.

But indoor cats can get bored
Inactivity and boredom can lead to stress and health issues like obesity, inappropriate urination or hair loss from over grooming.

Other options:
Consider building a Catio to give your cat a chance to be outdoors. There are all kinds of creative ways to completely enclose part of a patio, deck, or porch. Or you can build a skywalk under the eaves of your house and give your cat access through an upstairs window. These areas can provide your cat with access to the outdoors while keeping them and wildlife safe

Indoor environment enrichment. There are many ways to keep your cat active and entertained indoors. You can hide treat toys throughout the house, provide climbing and scratching surfaces and dedicate some one on one time with you and your cats.

This website has some great tips for keeping indoor cats healthy:


Which ever option you choose, take some time to consider how to keep your kitty healthy and happy.

We are here to help and can create a plan to minimize risk of disease and parasites tailored to your cat’s lifestyle.