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July 11, 2024

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Pet Emergency Evacuation Kit

We all hope it will never happen to us. But the reality is natural disasters, such as fires, floods or storms can come up very quickly leaving us little time to get ourselves and our pets to safety. It helps to have plan for an emergency evacuation and to prepare a “Go Bag” for your pets. Having what you need in one place can shave vital minutes off your evacuation time.

What should be in your pet’s “Go Bag”?

  • Food for one week in an airtight container
  • Water and a bowl (we have some collapsable ones for sale at Pawtown that are very handy)
  • Medication for one week if your pet needs daily medication
  • A first aid kit (we have some great, compact first aid kits for sale at Pawtown too)
  • A back up collar or harness, leash and id tag
  • A photo of you and your pet together – in case you get separated
  • It can be helpful to have a carrier or crate for your pet
  • A litter box and a week’s worth of litter for your cat
  • And consider packing a few familiar items for comfort: treats or chews, a favorite toy, bed or blanket

Keep your “Go Bag” where you can easily find and grab it if you need to get out in a hurry.

Hopefully you never need to use your go bag (make sure to check and replenish supplies every 6 months). But perhaps this information will make things smoother or less stressful if you ever need to get out fast. We wish you and your pets a fun and safe summer!