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October 16, 2022

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National Vet Tech Week

Happy National Veterinary Technician Week! We are so blessed at Pawtown to have such a wonderful group of vet techs and assistants. Do you know all the things vet techs do for you, your pets, and your veterinarian? They are an essential part of how we care for our patients. They have also been through years of training. Certified Veterinary Technicians have been to school, received a degree and passed a national board exam. Veterinary Assistants have received years of on the job training in order to learn all of their skills. 

It’s hard to list all the skills vet techs have because there are so many. Their daily job duties often include animal restraint, blood draws, positioning and taking x-rays, dental cleanings, dental x-rays, anesthesia, and medication administration. Not only do they have amazing technical skills, they are also there to comfort your pet in times of stress. This may be after an injury, recovering from surgery or dentistry or being nervous during their vet appointment. Vet techs are also an amazing resource for owners. They have the knowledge to answer many questions about vaccines, preventions, diet, and diseases. As veterinarians we rely on vet techs to help keep our day running smoothly. They keep us on time, help us obtain diagnostics, and are often the ones that keep us laughing. 

If you know a vet tech or see one at your vet clinic, make sure to tell them thank you! They have the biggest hearts and want the best for your pets!